TSD Women's day party on March 8th
Mar 09 , 2022

On the day of March 8, women can be commonly called "queen"and goddesses ! There are also Internet rumors that 3.7 is Chinese medicine, 3.9 is Western medicine, and 3.8 is a drug! At first listen, it is very novel and ridiculous, but when you think about it, it is not unreasonable . Women are always amazed and addicted to it like magic, as the Song dynasty poet Su Shi praised: women not only have extraordinary talents, but also  have perseverance ; woman is weak, but very strong when she becomes a mother; women hold up half of the world; also as president Mr Putin said in blessing women: women bring harmony, tenderness and beauty to the world, as well as unconditional maternal love and so on.

On March 8th Women's Day, TSD specially prepare flowers and gifts, custom-made queen cakes, prepared various fruit delicacies and entertainment mini-games, and organized the Goddess' Day party, and sent sincere blessings to the female employees who are struggling in various positions. , let the goddesses feel the deep care from the company. At the same time, it enriches the corporate cultural life of TSD, enhances the cohesion of employees, and highlights the value of women.

At 5:30 p.m. on March 8 , the goddesses gathered at the front desk of the company to the sound of cheerful music. First, Ms. Dong, the company's marketing manager, sent flowers and gifts to the goddesses and expressed their blessings, and then everyone moved. Go to the large conference room and start the dinner. Before the dinner, Ms Dong gave a speech for the goddesses of the company, talked about his work and life experience , and expressed two hopes to the female employees: one is to hope that the female employees will love themselves forever. Women are always busy taking care of children , parents , husbands, and often neglect themselves. To this end, I hope the female employees will love themselves well, dress up for themselves on special festivals, and create their own rituals and romance. The second is to hope that female employees will remain financially independent forever. Only with economic independence can we be our own sun forever without relying on anyone else's light; can we achieve true freedom without being unrestrained by popularity and constraints ; and can we have confidence in our family and society. After the speech, I believe that the two hopes of Dong Zong are unanimously pursued by the female employees.

Afterwards, during the dinner, we video connected to our colleagues in the Shenzhen office , and sent warm wishes to each other in this loving festival. Of course, after-dinner entertainment is a must! Table tennis relay, one lap to the end, the boxing champion crossing the river, the dragons fetching water, the bench grab, the pie falling from the sky, and a series of exciting competitions of niche games, harvested the laughter of the goddesses.

So far, TSD March 8th Women's Day has come to a successful conclusion. I wish the goddesses of TSD can always be so charming and fragrant as flowers in their future work and life .

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