TSD's Newly Designed LCD Display--1.08”, 1.3”, 2.1” Round TFT LCD Display
May 06 , 2022

Team Source Display not only can provide a LCD display, but also provide total solution for smart home products.

TSD release a series of round shape LCD touch display switch button like size 1.08 inch, 1.3 inch, 2.1 inch color TFT LCD display with intellegent touch function for white goods, mainly design for coffee machine, washing machine, smart toilet, thermostat, air conditioner controller, gear switch, etc.

Below is our 1.08 inch 240*240 resolution 250nits luminance round TFT LCD display, as the picture shows:

Parameter summary

1) CPU: CPU ARM Cortex-M0

2) Storage: 64KROM + 8KRAM

3) Flash: 25Q64 64Mbit (optional 128Mbit)

4) Power supply: DC 5V, 500mA

5) Knob pulse number: 24

6) Knob crisp torque: 300 ± 100 gf. Cm

7) Return force of pressing switch: 650 ± 200g

8) Storage temperature: - 30 ~ 80 ° C

9) Operating temperature: - 20 ~ 70 ° C

The shell color of this 1.08 inch LCD display support to customized: silver, red, dark blue and gold, more color, welcome to consult! Screen refresh effect less than 20ms, customer has a very good sense of use. Not only that, you can switch any picture you want to display on the screen, because this 1.08 inch round LCD display can support pictures in JPG, PNG, 9png and other formats. Its kernel is based on Linux, and it perfectly supports sqlte3 database, libmodbus, mqtt interface and other third-party open source code access.

For this total solution LCD display, TSD support online debugging function, free software for customers to use, customers don't need to worry about technical problems, TSD's strong engineering and sales teams will solve them for you.

For more new product information, welcome to inquire!

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